Thursday, 13 October 2011


Spirits are different
layers of intelligence
some specific to places
like streams or mineral traces
mountain tops or waterfalls
spooky forests exotic jungles
mystical planes psionic states
spirits reveal their natures traits
of plants animals and stones
psychotropic fungus shows
doorways to unconcious
blown open wide very much
forced to face
what you wouldnt normally face
purification of demons and traumas
away from distractions and dramas
then more able
hold more universal energy stable
prayer for protection
helping divine relection
grounded whe facing scary forces
put out for a dream
draw a connective theme
to make dream a reality scene
write down a wish
then burn on fire whoosh
sending out to multiverse
offer spirits gifts first
tailasmanic artifacts
they are unable to make perhaps
silver coin crystal or fruit
flowers tobbaco water use
journey the layers profound
of magnificent spirit world now
bom shanka chillum baba sound
namaste shanti in lakesh wow

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