Tuesday, 13 March 2012


VISIONARY SHAMANICS are happy to  present their 2nd comp ENCHANTED EXPLORATIONS

Another synergy of visionary art, shamanic poetry and mystical trance, trancendental meditations for travelling through mythic legendary realms.

Shamanic rituals celebrating inner trance with spookedellic jungle and foresty pagan paths that lost shadowy spirits walk. Then hearing visionary channeled insights to be revealing mystical revalations.

To guide through this shamanic voyage

1.SHOTU - Acai (CHRIS RICH REMIX) 147 bpm
2.DREAM VISIONER - Who are you 149 bpm
3.AMRITA - Ratatam (2012 rmx) 148 bpm
4.AEGOILUS - Fobia (rmx) 147 bpm
5.MUSSY MOODY - Pure elements 147 bpm
6.NOLM - Gold freaks 148 bpm
7.GROBIANS - Alien invasion 148 bpm
8.THERANGE FREAK - Enchanted explorations 148 bpm
9.SHADOWLS - Chronicle of mystery 148 bpm
10.PETRAN - Voyager of psychedellic states 150 bpm
11.PAGANOPATH - Legends and fairytales 150 bpm

Shiva3 for visionary art

Petran for mastering

Compiled by dj Mystical voyager who also has shamanic poetry featured in the realms with help of recitation from Rhiannon

Coming soon early 2012  ;)