Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Witch Freak EP - Visionary Shamanics recs

SYMBIOTIC RELATIONSHIPS - Visionary Shamanics Recs 4th comp VA

Visionary Shamanics records are very happy to present their 4th VA comp SYMBIOTIC RELATIONSHIPS

Exploring a synergy of channeled shamanic poetry, visionary art and mystical trance

Multicultural weaves of visual imagaries 
follow weave of tribalistic tapestries
using shamanic tools of potent hallucinogens
exploring many varieties of organic entheogens
relationships of mutual dependance
to bring back gaias ecological balance
recovery of archaic union with natures communion
shamanic travel initialised as symbiotic relationships crystalise
journeying transcendental with antigravity transdimensional resonations
faster than speed of light the goal in hyperspace occilations
using spiritual key of visionary activations
unity of peaceful telepathic communications
rapidly advancing cosmicly intergalactic dimensions
mass awakening of evolutionary unifyd consciousness meditations

Rediscovery of these symbiotic relationships are presented by mystical trance artists

Filter Coffee, Sishiva, Bubbleguns and Alien Trancesistor, Looney, Terrasound, Enigmagnetic, Atomas And JumanJi, Nagual & Melina, Rakaill, Ashiana, Fractal Error & Looney, Rahul Sudan, Nagual, Bugswap, Spagetti brain, Spirituz, Red eye jedi , Weejoons, Yog Sogoth, Grobians, Twins, Shamikh, Caveman, Grydemix, Ritual, Surupo, Tunguzka, Ololiouqui, Soberize, Witch Freak, Extrasensory perception, Atomental, Room full of Eyes, Metamorphocrisis, Witch Freak & Kykeon, Psy-Mr., Knocknock, Bodhi, Tsek, Chaotic dimension
and Bonus Track 

Also featuring Intro and Outro By Mystical Voyager, Joshua Vanner, Eleutheria, Petya, GazGacid and Raquel

Visionary art by Dario, font on cover art by Shiva 3 and design layout by MIKE ERVA

Mastering by Aegolious 

Inspired by these visions in the shamanic imaginations, 
via non - local quantum entangled locations
enjoy the journeying inside the viosionary shamanics spaceship
as time and space rips into fractal chaos on another interdimensional trip
wild and mystical destinations to be toured 
welcome aboard

Coming soon :D

OTHERWORLDLY ODYSSEYS - 3rd Visionary shamanics VA uk


Otherworldly odysseys
along mysterious psychedelic pathways
creating new networks and associations
dynamic shamanic resonations
opening stargate portals
then finding true essence immortal
archaic dreaming elder realm surfers appear
star family alliance near
returning in magic spaceships
for these stormedelic transforming shifts
recovery of ancient wisdoms
revealing paths through spiritual kingdoms

Another synergy of shamanic poetry, visionary art and mystical trance

2.SISHIVA - Love explosions - 148 bpm
3.SPROCKET - Lateralistic 147 bpm
4.AZZMATAZZ - Hallucinogenic school 147 bpm
5..SHADOWLS - Anesthesia awareness 148 bpm
6.ATOMENTAL - Deepology 150 bpm
7.BACKGAMMON - Otherworldly odysseys 148 bpm
8.ARCHAIC - Animaliens - 146 bpm
9.GROBIANS - My magic spaceship 150 bpm
10.SHIVA 3 - Har har mahadev (full power 2012 remix)
11.Outro - MYSTICAL VOYAGER, ELEUTHERIA, GAZGACID, JOSHUA VANNER - Psychedelic odysseys - 115 bpm

Travelling through otherworlds mystery
on these shamanic odysseys

visionary art by Shiva 3

Compiled by Mystical voyager

for free release coming soon :)