Thursday, 13 October 2011


Spirits are different
layers of intelligence
some specific to places
like streams or mineral traces
mountain tops or waterfalls
spooky forests exotic jungles
mystical planes psionic states
spirits reveal their natures traits
of plants animals and stones
psychotropic fungus shows
doorways to unconcious
blown open wide very much
forced to face
what you wouldnt normally face
purification of demons and traumas
away from distractions and dramas
then more able
hold more universal energy stable
prayer for protection
helping divine relection
grounded whe facing scary forces
put out for a dream
draw a connective theme
to make dream a reality scene
write down a wish
then burn on fire whoosh
sending out to multiverse
offer spirits gifts first
tailasmanic artifacts
they are unable to make perhaps
silver coin crystal or fruit
flowers tobbaco water use
journey the layers profound
of magnificent spirit world now
bom shanka chillum baba sound
namaste shanti in lakesh wow

Saturday, 8 October 2011

Dream weaving artists for Visionary shamanic records

Therange Freak can be described as an eternal lover of the nature, guardian of the forests, swamps and the creatures that live there, as their eternal debtor because the vast influence that derives from their breathtaking beauty and eternal inspiration. The Land where this Freak lives, is an inexhaustible source of natural beauty, mountains and mystical landscapes, so the music that comes out from this project leads You to a nice trip and return to the roots of nature and its spirit, trapped deep in us all.

Shadowls is a project of two distorted minds (Therange Freak and Paganopath) who enjoy nature and mysticism, blending into a perfect balance of old school sound that reach your brain deepest places. A music perfect for late hours in the night, especially recommended in the deep woods, where the direct contact with their beings can experience a perfect mind orgasm.

Aegolius is project of Metodija Trajkovski born in Macedonia,Kumanovo.He meet with psychodelic trance at very early age
of his life. In short time he start to lear about the music and rapidly get influenced from the music who results to start with djing
and later expirimentig with sounds.He start to create from beatless ambient to ground shaking psychedelic music
After some years of expirimenting the Aegolius project was born the music is an combination of deep rolling bass lines
,very deep atmophsweres,wfects mixed with true sounds from nature.

DJ Freaky G is Kim Duelund. I was born 1982,in Jutland/Silkeborg. Where i have lived all my life. I work as headchef at a mexican restaurant
I love nature, meeting new people, psytrance music, cooking food, art/psy art, shamanishm/spritualism, travelling,freinds&family

I've been listening to electronic music for 13 years now. I listen to all kinds of electronic music. But my favorite styles are 
psytrance/forest, psyambient/chill out, psyprog/minimal trance and oldschool goatrance. 
I started to dj for about 9 years ago. And psytrance/forest is my favorite style, i play wicked tunes from 140 bpm to 160 bpm. 
I loves to make a history out of music, so i prefeer 2-3 hour sets. 

Wednesday, 5 October 2011


Everthing outside is within

everything outside is within
whole cosmic perspective given
all is one in earth and heaven
brought together magnificent endevour
inner journey voyagers
network of soul scientists
sharing discovery of principles
vista of unknown variables
cosmic puzzle nearly revealed
when seen in clarity healed
adding all pieces together
how each piece fits better
in search of our own secrets
light shining on unknown features
led by inner teachers
actualising conciousness structures
for more harmonic cures
balancing by beaming
prayer energy into areas needing
shifting frequencies higher
merging outer with inner planes righter
percieving one state all aligned
with source in fractal time
spiraling like a galaxy mekaba
star tetrahedron occilates faster
transdimesional travel rather
meditate in sacred temple within
process holographic downloads given
prepared for more galactic missions
dreaming in shamanic visions

Sunday, 2 October 2011



Unveiling shamanic knowledge in altered states
intuitivly visioning psychedellic paths vibrate
through jungles and enchanted forests dreaming
trancing hypnoticly poetic messages interweaving
enter sacred inner passages magicaly enlightening
enhancing imaginative otherworlds inviting

1.SETI-Animals are beasts but man are monsters-148bpm
2.GU-Adventurers world-148bpm
4.VERTICAL-Plastic plants-149bpm
5.SHADOWLS (Paganopath and Therange freak)-Lemarchands box-145bpm
6.AEGOLIUS-Spheres of life-147bpm
7.KOALA-Tree fern in a twisted-150bm
8.FRACTAL ERROR-Mythodia-152bpm
9.THERANGE FREAK-Gruunach (the black dragon of the great swamp)-152bpm
10.PAGANOLOLIUQUI (Paganopath and Ololiuqu)-Ayuwaska jungle visions-155bpm

Mastering by Monno Onkle Dunkle

Visionary art by Hypomicro

Also featuring shamanic poetry by Mystical voyager in the realms

For free release in oct :)

Saturday, 1 October 2011

Egyptian temple solar portal activation

Journeying through Egypt
waves of sandy air shapeshift
4 obelisks carved out of stone
outside the temple shown
towering pillars with hieroglyphics
glowing with mighty magics
enabling esoteric practices
walking through temples entrance
between stone obelisks advance
feeling trance state arising
invisible forces arriving
suddenly hearing heavenly music
celestial concerto magic
like bubbling springs
deep enchanted wells
tingling crystalline bells
rivers sparkling waterfall fells
tones rising and falling
spinning and gliding
inside mind many birds 
all singing different tones heard
blending together to merge
into a cosmic symphony
light and beauty bathed blissfully
glimmering crystalline shimmering notes
that sail in fractal boats
heavenly ecstasy born freely
sacred mantras weaved mystically
entering the interstellar gateway
winged sun engraved there hey
moving through vortex spirally
fractal tunnel twists and turns gnarly
electrifying vibrations charging
buildup of energies starting
solar portal to another world
a low humming is heard
once more celestial birds
chirping and whistling
electrical charges flying
between obelisks as lightning
whole body dematerialising
Isis flying in the visioning
smiling love from emerald eyes
in between worlds wise
meaningful mystical momentary
dissolving into mist wary
ectoplasmic fluorescent rippling
another stellar gateway appearing
stars and galaxies nearing
whole multiverse receiving
intergalactic tapestry weaving
warping space and time
by quadrophonic sonics sublime
traveling through time tunnels
to shape unknown parallels
downloading sacred light language
into holographic codes managed
ankh envisioned
immortal soul lineages
passing through afterlife passages
through the otherside
what a thrilling ride
that Egyptian temples provide 
in desert of the Sinai