Saturday, 8 October 2011

Dream weaving artists for Visionary shamanic records

Therange Freak can be described as an eternal lover of the nature, guardian of the forests, swamps and the creatures that live there, as their eternal debtor because the vast influence that derives from their breathtaking beauty and eternal inspiration. The Land where this Freak lives, is an inexhaustible source of natural beauty, mountains and mystical landscapes, so the music that comes out from this project leads You to a nice trip and return to the roots of nature and its spirit, trapped deep in us all.

Shadowls is a project of two distorted minds (Therange Freak and Paganopath) who enjoy nature and mysticism, blending into a perfect balance of old school sound that reach your brain deepest places. A music perfect for late hours in the night, especially recommended in the deep woods, where the direct contact with their beings can experience a perfect mind orgasm.

Aegolius is project of Metodija Trajkovski born in Macedonia,Kumanovo.He meet with psychodelic trance at very early age
of his life. In short time he start to lear about the music and rapidly get influenced from the music who results to start with djing
and later expirimentig with sounds.He start to create from beatless ambient to ground shaking psychedelic music
After some years of expirimenting the Aegolius project was born the music is an combination of deep rolling bass lines
,very deep atmophsweres,wfects mixed with true sounds from nature.

DJ Freaky G is Kim Duelund. I was born 1982,in Jutland/Silkeborg. Where i have lived all my life. I work as headchef at a mexican restaurant
I love nature, meeting new people, psytrance music, cooking food, art/psy art, shamanishm/spritualism, travelling,freinds&family

I've been listening to electronic music for 13 years now. I listen to all kinds of electronic music. But my favorite styles are 
psytrance/forest, psyambient/chill out, psyprog/minimal trance and oldschool goatrance. 
I started to dj for about 9 years ago. And psytrance/forest is my favorite style, i play wicked tunes from 140 bpm to 160 bpm. 
I loves to make a history out of music, so i prefeer 2-3 hour sets. 

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