Wednesday, 5 October 2011


Everthing outside is within

everything outside is within
whole cosmic perspective given
all is one in earth and heaven
brought together magnificent endevour
inner journey voyagers
network of soul scientists
sharing discovery of principles
vista of unknown variables
cosmic puzzle nearly revealed
when seen in clarity healed
adding all pieces together
how each piece fits better
in search of our own secrets
light shining on unknown features
led by inner teachers
actualising conciousness structures
for more harmonic cures
balancing by beaming
prayer energy into areas needing
shifting frequencies higher
merging outer with inner planes righter
percieving one state all aligned
with source in fractal time
spiraling like a galaxy mekaba
star tetrahedron occilates faster
transdimesional travel rather
meditate in sacred temple within
process holographic downloads given
prepared for more galactic missions
dreaming in shamanic visions

1 comment:

  1. what a load of utter gibberish. an interweaving shamanic poet!! i think not. a moron from totnes that has done to many drugs more like. already ruined one trance cd with his naff ramblings. utter garbage.